Competence in Further and Continuing Education

Research, knowledge and practice are constantly evolving in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy. By offering a wide range of further and continuing education options, the DGPPN gives you the opportunity to update your professional knowledge.

© DGPPN/Claudia Burger

The DGPPN Academy at the association’s annual congress is the central forum for further and continuing education in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy in Germany. Each year it offers about 80 workshops. Junior doctors use the events as part of their specialist training and specialists use it to keep their certification current. At the same time, members of other professions can deepen their professional knowledge. The programme is supplemented by state-of-the-art symposia in which renowned experts illuminate the latest developments in research and practice.

The DGPPN accompanies its members on their career paths right from the beginning: the initiative for young professionals, Generation PSY, starts by giving medical students the chance to get to know the professional field of psychiatry and psychotherapy better and to benefit from a number of tailored opportunities. 

After completing their medical degree, doctors training to become specialists can prepare for their examinations by taking refresher courses lasting several days. DGPPN members also have the option to be certified by the association. DGPPN certifications are generally recognised as a quality label. Last but not least, the DGPPN job market gives an overview of open positions – in particular in hospitals in Germany.

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